Four special pieces to listen to:
1)From Lydia for trumpet and piano This recording is the full-length original version of From Lydia, now revised and shortened for flute and piano, and available within the Music for Small Ensembles section of the Compositions button. This recording, with fine performers and recording equipment, gives listeners a real virtuosic ride through some very challenging territory. This recording was made decades ago during a professional recording session, with no audience, all in one take. It is not flawless, but it shows some real spirit. It displays the original extended version of this piece. Some of these fascinating sections were removed for the flute and piano version now available. (21.46)
2)Ancient Song for clarinet, English horn and cello This piece evokes the style and flavor of pre-baroque music, with a modern twist. Performed by pros three decades ago, the shifting rhythms of threes and twos were common practice during the middle ages. (8:12)
3)Woodwind Quartet #3, Newfoundland, mvt. 1 This piece was written originally during a summer visit to Newfoundland, Canada in 1972. It was revised in 1978. This recording, along with the audio files for the other three movements, were made in the early 1980s by professional performers. You may listen to all four movements for this piece within the Music for Small Ensembles part of the Compositions button. (5:28)
4)Fantasia for Seven Players This is actually a piece written in 1978, and recorded at a public performance by capable musicians as part of a West Bank School of Music concert. It is a live recording, complete with the coughs from the audience, some missed notes, a few spots where the players are a little out of synch, and the noise of a trombone mute falling to the floor. Fantasia was written specially as a companion, 'warm-up' piece for Stravinsky's Soldier's Tale, using the same exact instrumentation: violin, double bass, trumpet, trombone, clarinet, bassoon and percussion. The performance is exciting and enthusiastic, even with its flaws. This recording was recently retrieved from an old reel-to-reel recording made in 1978. This composition is being revised and soon will be available in print quality score and parts. (11:33)



• Specialized small scale music services for individual composers, songwriters and musicians, including computer music engraving, sheet music production and binding (including VPC Music Master), performance lead sheets, performers' instrumental parts, work with sound files, computer score editing, demo CD burning and much more.

• Original musical compositions by Warren Park for small instrumental ensembles, choral groups and solo piano.

• New commissions, arrangements; music designed for specific uses and occasions, commercials, theatrical productions and film & video.

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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