Warren has resumed his piano tuning and repair work within the range of June 14 through December 18, 2021. After that date, Warren plans to fully retire. To schedule piano tunings and repairs during this six month period, please email him at wpark@comcast.net or telephone him at 612-729-0711. Starting times can be set up between 11:00 AM and 3:30 PM, Monday-Saturday during that period.

Each tuning usually takes about one hour, and costs $110 (standard flat rate). Repairs, if necessary, would cost extra. Warren's territory for piano work now consists of the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul proper, and the inner ring suburbs of south Minneapolis.

2021 Prices for Common Piano Work
Piano Humidifer/Dehumidifer Systems

In addition to being a composer, Warren Park is a professional piano tuner/technician in business since the early 1970s. Warren does tuning, repairs and reconditioning work for any acoustic piano. He works at people's homes, as well as schools, churches, performance places, community centers, theaters and everywhere else there is a piano in need.

For a reasonable fee, he is available for piano evaluations for any type of piano. He can create for you a list of suggested/recommended repairs and reconditioning work for any piano you own, or are considering buying. Also, he will help you to locate a used piano for sale that fits your criteria and price range.

2021 Prices for Common Piano Work
Standard piano tunings (any piano, with no repairs) $110
New white keys (plastic), including installation $150
New piano benches with cushion tops

Upright Repair and Reconditioning 
        Replace and adjust damper pads
                Bass section only

                The remaining sections
                (including a few double-V type pads, as needed, for the
                        lowest few treble strings)
        Basic Regulation of the Action $135
        Reshaping of Hammers to improve sound, including some softening
                of the hammers with a needle felt picker (the reshaping process
                involves using a sandpaper file to remove the old dug-in grooves
                in the hammer striking surface)
Grand Repair and Reconditioning 
        Replace and adjust dampers
                Bass section only

                The remaining sections
                (including double-V type pads, as needed, for the lower treble
                        strings, up to 20 notes)
        Basic Regulation of Action $165
        Reshaping of Hammers $120
Other Grand and Upright Action Repairs and Parts Replacement By Estimate--$80/hour
Plus Cost of Parts

Piano Humidifier/Dehumdifier Systems

Warren installs the most up-to-date equipment made by the Dampp Chaser company to provide steady humidity in and around your piano. Consistant humidity helps the piano's tuning stability and function. Too much humidity makes the action sluggish and promotes rust on the strings and tuning pins. Too little humidity causes the tuning pins to slip, the action parts the loosen, rattle and play poorly, and can make the soundboard more in danger of cracking and splitting.

The Dampp Chaser system includes three main parts: 1) a humidifier bucket with a heating rod with cloths drapped over it for evaporation; 2) a long, dehumidifying rod that puts out very mild dry heat to chase away moisture without collecting water; 3) a humidistat control: this is a black box that can sense what 45% is and turn on the component that is needed to bring the humidity to the right level. The system needs to be plugged in 24 hours-a-day year-round to provide continuous protection. The system draws very little power and has no moving parts.

The Dampp Chaser set-up includes a small panel with three lights to tell you what's happening with the humidifier. The green light tells you the whole system is getting power. The amber light, when flashing, tells you that the water level in the bucket is low, and you need to add some water. The red light indicates that the cloth pads draped on the heating rod on the water bucket are too dry to function, and the whole system has shut down to avoid damaging the piano. This red light comes on (system stopped) usually because the water bucket is bone dry (never let this happen, no matter what time of year it is), but sometimes the pads themselves have become too crusty and clogged with minerals from the water to work. If the red light comes on, call Warren to replace the pads (very inexpensive).

Getting water into the humidifier water bucket is simple. You will never have to open up the piano (uprights) or crawl under it (grands) to fill the bucket. A watering tube is attached in a convenient spot that you can easily reach. The included watering can (much like a flower watering can) has a special nozzle on it that fits the watering tube perfectly so pouring water into the bucket can be done without spilling. The watering can has a line on the side that tells you how much water to put into the bucket. Also included is a small bottle of humidifier treatment fluid that you add a little of each time you refill the bucket.

Dampp Chaser piano humidity control system, including installation:

        For Upright Pianos, any size $350
        For Grand Pianos, up to seven feet in length
        Additional parts will be needed for grand pianos longer than seven feet.