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Prices listed include all necessary multiple parts.

Quantity   Cost    Cat. No.  Title                                                              (Length & performance time)

  $8.95    p001    Unexpected Changes Rag (solo piano) (12 pages, 7:21)

  $5.95    p002    Ancient Windows (solo piano, intermediate players) (17 pages, 12:30)

  $6.95    p003    Recollection (solo piano) (6 pages, 3:57)

  $10.95  e001    Sailing the Sky, Waltzing (clarinet and piano) (32 pages, 7:55)

  FREE     e002    Woodwind Quartet #3, 'Newfoundland' (flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon)
                                       (4 movements, 54 pg score, 18:56)

  $30.00   e003    Legend for quintet (clarinet and strings, or clarinet and flute with strings,
                                       or Woodwind Quintet, specify instrumentation)
(40 page score, 5 parts, 10:26)

  $19.95   e004a  Groove Surfing (violin, marimba, piano, doublebass) (piano part, 12 pages, 8:34)

  $19.95   e004b  Groove Surfing (clarinet, marimba, piano, cello)

  $12.95   e005a  Mesmer's Waltz (french horn, piano, doublebass) (33 pg score, 6:31)

  $12.95   e005b  Mesmer's Waltz (trombone, piano, doublebass)

  $12.95   e005c  Mesmer's Waltz (tenor saxophone, piano, doublebass)

  $95.00   e006    Slipstream (for jazz band) (68 pg score, 20:10)

  $25.00   e007    Old American Mechanical Toys (for saxophone quartet) (28 pg score, 4 parts, 9:35)

  $1.75     e008    Modal Myth from Ancient Windows (arr. for handbell choir) (2 pages, 1:41)

  $38.00   e009    The Casual Observer (trombone choir, includes all parts) (30 page score, 4:40)

  $9.50     e010    From Lydia (flute and piano) (16 page score, 7:35)

  $7.95     e011    Taking the Fifth (for Two Celli) (9 pages, 7:27)

  $7.95     e011a  Taking the Fifth for Cello and Bass Clarinet (9 pages, 7:27)

  $4.95     e012    Dodo Titite Waltz for Flute and Guitar (4 pages, 2:30)

  $2.95     v001    Everywhere Will Be Called Eden Once Again (SATB choir, piano) (22 pages, 6:55)

  $1.75     v002    Remember Me (SATB choir, a cappella) (6 pages, 3:33)

  $2.95     v003    The Rhodora (alto and piano) (6 pages, 3:11)

  $1.75     v004    A Cradle Song (SATB choir and piano) (12 pages, 5:22)

  $1.90     v005    Green Laughter of Spring (SATB choir and piano)

  $4.95     v006a  Within Your Eyes (soprano and piano) (8 pages, 4:40)

  $9.95     v006b  Within Your Eyes (soprano, piano, arranged for additional instruments:
                                      two parts each for C instruments and B♭ instruments)

  $1.75     v007    Georgia Saw The Blue Line (SSA Voices and Piano) (8 pages, 3:50)

  $1.75     v008    The Universal Beauty (SATB choir & piano) (8 pages, 2:41)


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Subtract 30% for all orders that make use of our optional electronic files for scores and parts. We will e-mail you the PDFs for you to print the sheet music directly, based on the number of copies you ordered. Payment must be received first.

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