SHEET MUSIC The Printed Page. Warren Park Music can produce for you any type and form of sheet music for any purpose. Using the Finale 2012 computer music program, we generate a PDF-format music files that are transmittable to you for printing. We can transform your manuscript (entering the notes into the computer manually) into professional-quality sheet music of remarkable clarity, matching what used to be called 'engraved' music. These printed master sheets can then be used, for example, as demo publications for the promotion of your music to the world. Or, with the addition of creative design work (which we do not provide) you will be able to use these print masters to produce and publish your own music at a print shop or commercial printing company for sale in music stores. The print quality and appearance will match anything that is currently available for sale commercially. With choral and vocal music, words of the text are carefully aligned with the corresponding notes on the page to present maximum clarity. Piano and other instrumental accompaniment lines beneath the vocal parts are also carefully matched. Your compositions and songs for any type of music (including soloists through small ensembles through large performance groups), can all be rendered accurately on the printed page for use in future performances.


PERFORMANCE PARTS Once the whole score for your composition is entered into the computer, extracting instrumental parts for the performers is the next step. Special care will be taken to make these performance parts clear, readable and pleasing to the eye. Page turns, multi-measure rests, dynamics and articulations are all carefully planned to eliminate confusion, visual crowding and performance glitches. These performance parts will be identical in content to the score they have been drawn from. SAMPLE INSTRUMENTAL PART. The pages themselves can be whatever dimensions you specify, and in whatever format you choose. We will generate electronic music files (in PDF format) for you to use when printing the instrumental parts, either on your printer or at a print shop. The standard page layout for instrumental parts can be used to produce saddle-stitched (folded down the middle and stapled) booklets with a finished size of 8 1/2" X 11" (using 11" X 17" sheets). Alternately, the print shop can plan the parts so that the two-sided pages can be attached together with binding tape or a spiral binding, for example. Common for orchestral musicians are parts that are printed in 10" X 13" size, and we can create the pages (PDFs) designed for those dimensions. The print shops then can print two-sided pages, and cut them down from 11" X 17" paper to 10" X 13" size for taping or binding.


MUSIC BOOKS Warren Park Music's computer-generated printed sheet music samples can be used in music textbooks, instructional books, piano music collections, hymnals, graphics for posters, wherever the appearance of notes on a staff is called for. We are a small company that also likes working one-to-one with individuals who are creating their own projects. Are you writing a book on guitar playing? How to write for clarinet? Historic folk tunes from Appalachia? Original children's songs? Vocal techniques of old jazz? American harmonica styles? Whatever you need music on the page for, we can help you.


LEAD SHEETS Lead sheets are printed music pages for songs with only the melody line, words and chord symbols included. SAMPLE LEAD SHEET. They are the most basic way for musicians and back-up players to play your music. If you have some tunes you have written that you want performers to try out or perform, this is the minimum you'll need. Back-up musicians, guitarists, pianists, horn players, especially if they are non-classical players, can usually fake their way through songs by following the lead sheet, and inventing notes that fit with the melody and chords as they play along. Other than teaching the songs by rote to the players, this lead-sheet method is the only way to present original songs to others at all. Ask us for details.


WE ARE A MEMBER OF ASCAP Warren Park Music is a publisher member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers. As such, if you choose to contract with us, we are in a position, to serve as your 'publishing company' for the purposes of collection of royalties for performances and broadcasts.


WHAT WE DON'T PROVIDE For most of your musical service needs Warren Park Music will have something to offer, or be able to refer you to someone else who may be able to help. The following services cannot be provided by us: Design work for sheet music and CD labels and case inserts. We can print basic demo labels and case inserts for your CDs but they could not be considered saleable in that form. Likewise, a basic title page & cover for your sample of printed sheet music is available, but for commercial sales you will need to find professional design help (or do it yourself). Promotion and distribution of your sheet music or CDs is not our territory either. You will need to find a professional distributor of sheet music in order for the saleable finished product to reach music stores around the country for sale to the public. You will need to find a way to publicize the music and the CDs if you hope to become known, and there are professionals who can manage that sort of campaign. Publishing of your music is not what we do either, other than the steps already described for the production of the basic sheet music. We cannot invest any funds to help your sheet music or CD be printed, manufactured or sold; that will all be up to you. As mentioned above, if you choose to contract with us, we, as a member of ASCAP, can serve as your 'publisher' for the purpose of collecting royalties for your performances and broadcasts of your music.