:00Cinderella is running away.
:13The glass slipper is dropped.
:18The short sister enters, wanders around.
:27Suddenly she sees the glass slipper, freezes.
:28 The tall sister enters, drifts around, until she sees her sister with the glass slipper and she freezes too.
:39The sisters start bickering about the slipper.
:50An all-out fight between the sisters erupts.
1:00A sudden noise makes them freeze: the arrival of the Doves.
1:03The sisters scramble to hide. When they feel safely out of sight, they turn and watch the slipper left behind on the floor.
1:06The Doves enter, one at a time, and circle the glass slipper.
1:25As the Doves drift off, the sisters slyly start to sneak up on the slipper.
1:40The sisters seize the slipper as the Doves return to try to defend it. A flurry of fighting ensues.
1:45Soon the doves give up, suspending their efforts. Thereís nothing they can do to stop the sisters.
1:46The sisters grab the slipper and escape with it into the forest.
1:50Music ends.