Music by Warren Park
3) GRAND WALTZ --- 6/8 TRANSITION --- 6/8 COUNTRY DANCE (end section)
:00 Places everyone. Dancers rush to position, cover the entire stage.
:07 Grand Waltz begins.
1:04 Lights focus on Cinderella and the Prince. Dance company spins off into the shadows. Cinderella and the Prince are so in love.
1:12 Kiss.
1:17 Transition section in 6/8 - all in D Dorian mode. Narration and stage action takes place (but let the best music be heard unhindered).
2:11 Country Dance section, starts with a speeding of the 6/8 tempo in the percussion instruments. Starts out in F Lydian mode.
2:26 Even faster 6/8, percussion leads the way, now in G Mixolydian mode.
2:48 The End.

Version completed 6/3/12