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Water Drops
(0.70 mm pairs)

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The unpublished photographs displayed here are contained in my dissertation, "Behavior of Water Drops Colliding in Humid Nitrogen", submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Chemical Engineering) at the University of Wisconsin, 1970.

"V" is the relative velocity between the drops before collision. The note which appears when your cursor is moved over a photo page identifies which frames were recorded using still photography. All other frames were selected from high speed motion pictures. The quantitative research focused on collisions between pairs of drops with diameters in the following six size groups:

Figs. 15 - 31      0.70 + 0.70 mm
Figs. 32 - 44      0.20 + 0.20 mm
Figs. 45 - 60      0.90 + 0.45 mm
Figs. 61 - 71      0.40 + 0.20 mm
Figs. 72 - 84      0.90 + 0.30 mm
Figs. 85 - 90      0.45 + 0.15 mm
Qualitative work with other collisions was recorded in Figs. 91 - 98.

An article explaining the equipment used in this research, A Device for producing controlled collisions between pairs of drops, was published by R. W. Park & E. J. Crosby in Chemical Engineering Science, 1965 20 39-45. A copy of the dissertation is available at the main library of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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