Morton Jerome Steinau

MORT STEINAU (Morton Jerome Steinau), February 14, 1917 - May 16, 2004. Formerly of New Haven, Connecticut, he retired in 1979 after long careers as a life insurance salesman and East Coast Traffic Manager of Time/Life. Between them, he worked as a cabinetmaker.

Mort and his wife Barbara Hill Steinau met at Black Mountain College in North Carolina, a small college experimenting in communal living, to which well-known freethinkers flocked in the 30's and 40's. He stayed on at Black Mountain as the college business manager. Later, Mort and Barb again lived communally for eight years at East River Farm, in Connecticut.

In 1990 they moved to Cape Cod and joined Cape Codders for Peaceful Solutions, which evolved into the Eastham Vigilers, still visible on the village green. He believed that each of us can make a difference to our fragile and beautiful planet. Mort, a founder of Cape Codders for Peace and Justice, was active in Fellowship of Reconciliation, Cape Codders Against Racism, and the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom. A long-term pacifist, he was active with his family in demonstrations as far back as the '60s. He also wrote vigorously about U.S. military invasions, most recently Iraq.

A member of the UU Nauset Fellowship of Eastham, he served as treasurer, secretary and president. He made many friends as a volunteer for the Eastham Senior Center's Meals on Wheels program. As nature lovers, Mort and Barb spent dozens of summers camping extensively in North America and Europe, last year's travels being as energetic and spontaneous as those of forty years ago.

Mort is beloved by many. He was a sweet, generous and honest man, who flourished as father, husband, grandfather, and citizen. Everywhere he knew and remembered people, who reciprocated. His legacy will be long remembered and cherished by, among others, Barbara Hill Steinau, his remarkable wife of 65 years, three children-Peter Steinau, Mardi Steinau, and Joan Steinau Lester-three grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren, as well as his large and fluid extended family. Many friends will long cherish Mort and his grace, wit, intelligence, hard work, and the twinkle in his clear blue eyes.

"Mort was a citizen of the world and now he is a citizen of the universe." -Mary Zepernick