Steinau Family Links

Mort Steinau, 1917-2004. Mort has a memorial page.

Barbara Hill Steinau, 1920-2013, was Mort's wife of 65 years. Here are a few photos and her obituary.

Barb's Siblings

Peter Hill, 1922-2017, was Barbara Steinau's brother. Obituary
Karen Säfford, Barbara Steinau's sister. lived in Lexington Massachusetts.
Joan Steinau Lester has a Home Page. She lives in Berkeley, California.
Peter Steinau lives in Chicago, Illinois, and has a business Web site at Here are a few photos of Pete.

Mardi Steinau lives on a farm near Clayton, Wisconsin. Here are a few photos of Mardi.


Malcolm Lester lives in Washington DC and previously taught at St. Albans School where he had this bio. Here are a few photos.

Casey Steinau lives in Big Lake, Alaska. Her email address is She has a photo gallery in the Park Family Scrapbook.


Julius Lester, 1939-2018, has a Wikipedia page. University of Massachusetts Amherst obituary.

Barbara Steinau Park has a Home Page. Her email address is She lives in Madison, Wisconsin.