Leonard Family
Official Documents
such as
Diplomas, Certificates, and School Reports

Edith Annie Weekes
Primary Exam Certificate, 1890
Commercial Certificate, 1890
Junior Leaving Exam Certificate, 1891
High School Form II Diploma, 1891
High School Form IV Diploma, 1893
Letter of Appreciation, 1900
(for 4 years of teaching at Glencoe High School)
University of Toronto Diploma, 1904
Deaconess Home and Training School Diploma, 1905
Letter of Farewell, c. 1907
(from Epworth League of Glencoe Methodist Church)
Letter of Farewell, 1921
(from Women's Missionary Society Union of Edmonton)

William Mark Leonard
Free Masons 3rd Degree
Masons Life Member Certificate, Feb. 12, 1919
Passenger's Declaration, 1920
Declaration of Passenger to Canada, 1924

Mr. & Mrs. William M. Leonard
Marriage Certificate, 1910
Special Congregational Farewell, Sept. 8, 1921
(message typed on 15-1/2 x 19-3/4 inch parchment scroll)
Registration Certificates, Aug. 19, 1940
(with newspaper clipping explaining this war time requirement)

Catherine Edith Leonard
Birth Certificate, 1911
Declaration of Passenger to Canada, 1924

Etheridge William Leonard
Declaration of Passenger to Canada, 1924

Evelyn Mary Henderson
Honourary Doctor of Divinity, 1984
Commemorative Medal and Certificate, 1992

Alice Eileen Leonard
Tillsonburg High School Grade Report, 1935

Wesley Weekes Leonard
Report Card, 1932
Tillsonburg High School Grade Report, 1935
Middle School Exam, 1936
Middle School Exam, 1937
Upper School Exam, 1937
International Correspondence Schools Diploma, 1938
Pledge to abstain from alcohol, 1939
Pitman's Corners garage lease, 1957-1958
SPEBSQSA Membership Certificate, 1961
(Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barber Shop Quartet Singing in America)

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