From Rev. Raymond Wargelin, Evelyn's cousin

Dear Evelyn,

Kaarina and I had always enjoyed our fellowship with you and Wilford over the years, and we really enjoyed the frequent visits we used to have in Minneapolis, Prescott and Sun City Arizona. Those are pleasant memories.

I know that Wilford's passing was a severe blow to you, and I know it is appropriate that you are now buried next to him. I have always admired your resilience, and the way you have successfully maintained an amazing number of contacts with friends and relatives since Wilford's death, all around the world.

You and Wilford were to be commended for developing your careers as doctors, yours in pediatrics, his in industrial health and geriatrics. Undoubtedly your mutual interest in public health was a logical outgrowth of that.

I appreciate your writing your autobiography. I learned much that I had never known about the family, including information about your mother, my father's sister, who I now recognize was a gifted person. I was only a teenager when I last had contact with your father, and your autobiography filled in a great deal of information about him as an adult that I was missing. My respect for him has grown. Your sister Edith also seems to have been a wonderful person.

We have spent our entire lifetimes joined by our family ties, and I have appreciated the warmth of our friendship over the years. Thank you for everything.