Deep River Visit
July 1959
by Evelyn Hartman Park

Arrived at Deep River after supper. Spent the evening with Eve & Sid Schefer.

Staying at the Staff Hotel. In the morning we spend 2½ hours touring the Atomic Energy Project with Mr. Mac Johnson as guide. His wife is from Hancock. It was very interesting. Wilford met numerous friends. We lunched in the cafeteria as guests of the Plant - present Dr. Keys, Morison, Johnson & Wright. In the afternoon and evening we visited numerous friends of Wilford's - going from house to house. They alll seemed delighted to see him and were quite friendly to me. Wilford seems to love to show me to his friends - he is so sweet. We managed to have a swim in the river and also visited his former home.

[Above excerpted from Evelyn and Wilford's Events and Places Visited journal, Sept. 1955 to Oct. 1979]