From Dr. Anja Hartiala, Evelyn's niece and god-daughter

To my dear Godmother Evelyn

It is so difficult to understand that you are gone now. Only one year ago you visited us in Finland with Warren and we all remember you as you were then: youthful and brilliant. We spent those happy days together and we were so glad you were pleased with your trip to Finland, your other homeland, though it was not so easy for you to travel this long way. You wanted to come and you did it. Now all we have is the warm memories of those days. We had sad feelings at the same time because it was obvious that this was your farewell visit to all of us.

You were always very close to us although we could not see each other very often. Over the decades you visited Finland several times and you had many connections to our country where you had so many relatives, friends and colleagues. You always followed very closely the development of our country and took pride in it, and you spoke our language perfectly without any foreign accent.

During these last six years we met every year and I had such vacations with you, including several cruises and travels to California and Arizona. I will always remember those gorgeous trips. Even as a child you made me happy that you were my godmother. We had a very special relationship and you made me feel that it meant very much to you too. You always remembered my birthdays, and every Christmas you sent presents to all my sisters and brothers too.

As I got older and especially during these last few years we had long conversations with each other, and from you I learned much about my grandparents and the history of our family. You were older than my father and as a woman could tell me a great deal about my grandmother, your mother, whom I never met because she died so young. You were really a link between generations.

I learned to appreciate your achievements during your career, but most of all I appreciate you as an honest, upright, highly civilized and talented person and a warm, loving aunt, godmother and friend. I miss you.

I share there warm thoughts with my sisters Marja and Eeva, my brothers Jaakko and Kari, and our friend Leena, who traveled with us several times. We all remember Evelyn with affection and gratitude.

With love,